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Wrong Anatoly!

Content image: Wrong Anatoly!

George and I were discussing a mineral "anatolyite" newly added to the e-Rocks database, and couldn't find out who it was named for via the usual sources.

We know Anatoly Kasatkin very well, and through his involvement with systematic minerals and the Fersman Museum thought it might be him.

George suggested we should drop him a line to find out, and thanks to Anatoly we now have the answer!

Anatolyite is named to honour Anatoly Boldyrev who was Professor of Crystallography and Mineralogy in Leningrad in first half of 20th century.

Anatoly (Kasatkin) is however honoured in the naming of kasatkinite,

Kasatkinite: First discovered at Bazhenovskoe, Asbest, in the Middle Urals, Russia.

Kasatkinite is a barium calcium and boron bearing silicate, with the formula Ba2Ca8B5Si8O32(OH)3

This mineral was approved in 2011


A little known fact about Anatoly is that he is a closet Liverpool FC supporter, in fact he and I watched the epic 2006 FA Cup Final between Liverpool and West Ham here at TV Towers.

There was a very famous goal scored to save Liverpool from defeat late in the game. Anatoly's roar of approval was probably heard in Moscow! 

Happy memories!

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