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What did George spy?

Content image: What did George spy?

Today was the first ever Leyburn show up there in the Yorkshire Dales.

Hosted by Tennant's Auctioneers there was an auction of minerals alongside the show at their fantastic premises.

In the picture is one of the lots as described in the catalogue;

"A Large Quantity of Worldwide Mixed Mineral Specimens, in three boxes."

Can you see what George saw in the first box?

Well if not look below!

This is a "Horsetooth" siderite from Wheal Maudlin, Lanlivery,Cornwall. 

6cm tall with crystals 14mm across the face.

These specimens were collected circa 1820 and are seldom seen....

We had a fantastic show, and came home with a few other things too!

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You must have a fantastic storage area for all these new minerals we've been hearing about. I rent a 10' x 20' and use 60% for Truscon Minerals, and after putting in about 300 flats I am totally out of room. The last collection I bought had to be stored in my garage. Now I know what you are saying "you have a garage and you don't store everything there?" Well it is 100 F today outside in the shade, so you can imagine how hot it is in my garage! After 9 am in the morning you don't want to spend any time there.