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What a beautiful Dy!



Flicking through the auctions yesterday I spotted a specimen of Mineevite-(Y) - always inquisitive to see the composition of these more obscure minerals I looked at the mineral data.

I was even more curious to discover that in the formula, was the element Dy, dysprosium. 

Dysprosium has atomic number 66 and is an important rare earth element. It is never found in nature as a free element, and although present in minerals like xenotime as a secondary component, it is currently only known in 4 approved minerals.

Bijvoetite-(Y) (Y,Dy)2(UO2)4(CO3)4(OH)6·11H2O
Lepersonnite-(Gd) Ca(Gd,Dy)2(UO2)24(SiO4)4(CO3)8(OH)24·48H2O
Lokkaite-(Y) Ca(Y,Gd,Nd,Dy)4(CO3)7·9H2O
Mineevite-(Y) Na25Ba(Y,Gd,Dy)2(CO3)11(HCO3)4(SO4)2F2Cl

It was great to see that we have listed examples of all 4 of these minerals in the past and these now reside in our archive database.