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We are pleased to announce.....

Content image: We are pleased to announce.....

Congratulations to long standing customer of e-Rocks, Andy Christy for the naming of new mineral "andychristyite" after his good self.

Andy joins an ever growing list of sellers, customers and visitors to our site to which this honour has been bestowed.

Andy announced this via his Facebook page the other day with these words

"OK, it's more trumpet-blowy than I normally am, and also very geeky, but it's also a once-in-a-lifetime honour. This was published online overnight, so I am allowed to mention it now. Introducing the new mineral andychristyite!

Bit of background: there are currently about 5000 different mineral species known (or "naturally occurring chemical compounds", as some might have it), and about 100 new ones being discovered every year. This particular member of this year's crop was kept secret from me until I was asked about using my name. It is completely new to science as a synthetic or natural material, and as far as I know, exists only as a couple of tiny, mint-green crystals."

Andy may not know about trumpet blowing, but the sax maybe another story!

Andy Christy


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