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Very Unusual Pseudomorph

Content image: Very Unusual Pseudomorph

I know there are a few collectors of unusual pseuodomorphs out there who might be interested in this.

I spotted this specimen chenevixite posted by Carsten Slotta; from the photographs you can see an array of quite well defined scorodite terminations (tiny) bright green and hollow beneath a crust of microcrystalline chenevixite.

As both minerals are arsenates it does make for an interesting paragenesis, through an exchange of copper(II) for iron(III) in solution? but how did the underlying scorodite disappear - going from perimorph to epimorph?

Chenevixite Cu2Fe3+2(AsO4)2(OH)4
Scorodite Fe3+AsO4 · 2H2O


There are not many pseudomorphs of scorodite around, the e-Rocks database has turned up 2, both oxides - ferrihydrite and hematite.

Interesting stuff!

Scorodite Pseudomorphs
Hematite Psm Scorodite - Hemerdon Bal, Devon, UK - crystals c.17mm Ferrihydrite Psm Scorodite - Clara Mine, Baden-Württemberg, Germany - crystal c.4mm


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