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Tsumeb Mine to re-open?

Content image: Tsumeb Mine to re-open?

Topical with some work we have been doing on locality database this newslink has been circulating the web mineral chat areas recently.

The content of the article is about the intention to re-open Tsumeb again for specimen (crystal) mining and as an underground tourist attraction.

Generally there has been some scepticism in the comments I have read.

It would be fantastic if it were possible, but from what I know from dealings with one of the founders of Tsumeb Specimen Mining (TSM) I think the sceptics will win the day.

TSM was set up in the early "noughties" to operate specimen collecting alongside the mining operations on Ongopolo (OMPL). They faced 2 problems, one referred to in the article was water the other was that the oxidation zones were worked out and the pillars picked clean.

TSM never found anything of consequence, and the same was reported by other sources of minerals at the time.

OMPL went after the deeper ore and by the time everything closed down in 2006 there was very little of anything specimen wise coming out.

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Would be great but challenging to do and would require significant pumping to get anywhere with metals- not to mention environmental approval to discharge the water. However the TSM phase did find nice azurites the old timers missed 15 years ago so who knows... also the best Azurite pocket the Easter pocket was discovered right at the end of mining by Goldfields......