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September's Story

Sapphire - September's Birthstone
Sapphire - Zazafotsy, Ihosy, Madagascar - 16mm, sold in September 2018


We have not written a "numbers" blog for nearly a year; we figure most people are here for the minerals but sometimes it might help to find out you are not alone!

At the beginning of the month we saw the 3rd birthday of the "new" platform and indeed the fourth anniversary of George joining us.

At the end of the month we saw the first anniversary of e-Rocks Ltd and the introduction of the first of many new features coming to you soon.

In terms of our statistics, starting with visitors/traffic, we have seen a 5% growth on last year; in numbers, well over 2,000 of you turn up daily to see what is in store and a staggering 85% of you come back every day.

Last month we have catalogued 4717 mineral specimens, sold 4060 and logged 2329 orders, meaning a lot of combined orders!!

A continued many thanks to all our customers, buyers and sellers alike, who make our little community work.

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