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Richard Tayler's Holiday Rock!

Content image: Richard Tayler's Holiday Rock!

Earlier this month I was introduced to a small selection of specimens of talc on dolomite from Portreath Beach on the Lizard, Cornwall.

These came to prominence in the Mineralogical Record Show Report for Ste Marie 2017, written up as quote.

"In one of the Val Expo halls a genial Englishman, Richard Tayler had something modest but new, odd and clearly noteworthy: botroidal talc over rhombic dolomite crystals. Boulders which had washed down onto Portreath Beach, gave up a dozen or so specimens showing clean smooth-surfaced, chalk-white talc botryoids to 5mm forming partial coatings on clusters of colorless, rhombohedral dolomite crystals to 1cm. The boulders were discovered on Easter 2017, and the specimens which they yielded are "not unattractive.""


Richard was very pleased with his discovery and write up, I purchased a piece to clean up and photograph for the e-Rocks database.

The header shows some detail of the botryoidal habit.

In fact talc is found in a few places on the Lizard, Kennack Sands probably being the best known, the association with dolomite is interesting though.

We did find an earlier talc specimen from Pentreath in our database, also with a curious habit of columnar masses with an acicular silvery breakage pattern.

This piece was in Pearl Freeman's collection.

Talc - Pentreath Beach, 2.9cm (Ex Pearl Freeman Collection)

You can see other pictures of Richard's piece via the item link below.

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