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Recognition for Carsten!

Content image: Recognition for Carsten!

The Mineralogical Record have recently published their latest periodical online article "What is new on the Mineral World?".

These articles, written by Tom Moore look around and review internet dealers website and feature minerals currently on view.

This latest edition features Carsten's Mintreasure website as the first visit.

"On the Web German collector/dealer Carsten Slotta, proprietor of Carsten Slotta Mineralien and a regular setter-upper at the Ste.-Marie-aux-Mines and Munich shows, has started a website,, where well-selected classics, especially from the Black Forest but from many other juicy places as well, may be ogled.

On his April update there are three fine gold specimens from Hope’s Nose, Devon, England (all marked SOLD); an excellent, antique chalcophyllite from Cornwall; a fine linarite from the earliest days of mining at Tsumeb —and the two superb miniatures....." 

Text Courtesy of the Mineralogical Record.

Further on within the article there is a review of another e-Rocks seller Rosell Minerals, and their Spanish torbernite and variscite postings

Further on still there is a write up about the Chilean "blue Sal Ammoniac" find researched by both Ana Cubillo Leivas and Joy Desor.

Great to see contributors here featured in another publication.

Of course we are particularly pleased for Carsten as we built the website!

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