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Pull your Fingerite?

Content image: Pull your Fingerite?

Here is some information about an article published on the BBC website yesterday concerning a paper shortly to appear in the American Mineralogist.

Authored by Dr Robert Hazen, from the Carnegie Institution in Washington DC, and Prof Jesse Ausubel of The Rockefeller University New York the paper documents 2,500 mineral species found at less than 5 localities globally.

Not much detail is given by the Beeb, but it interesting to read about some of the examples and how the 2,500 species are classified into 4 groups and how the study is going to be useful.

Great to see mineralogy is being noticed in the wider media, also great to see that e-Rocks has already listed most of the examples given, and maybe we will do a comparison with the full list in due course.

Also raises a point, that Fingerite is only supposedly found at Izalco Volcano in El Salvador, yet we have analysed samples from Tolbachik in Russia.

The ever evolving subject of minerals and where they are found!!

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