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Provenance - We Can Do

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A feature of the new website is the ability of our Database and your catalogue to hold and display items by Provenance.

Behind the scenes we provide a whole inventory system that connects minerals to people, collectors, historic dealers and institutions that are part of the history of items since they were collected.

Any item can be listed as "Ex [person/dealer/institution]" the catalogue will then optionally allow you/other users to then collaborate to build a whole range of information behind items - even recreating an online catalogue of items long since dispersed.

Once a provenance is created on our Database, two things will happen.

  1. Any item attributed to a Provenance will have an embedded Tab that will display summary information about the attribution
  2. Photos of old labels can also be stored with item to appear under a label Tab.

  3. Under the Browse Minerals menu, there is an option, Browse by Provenance that gives links the full pages about attributions, the history and lists of the minerals.

The link below takes you to the first page - Warren Taylor and his collection.

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