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Pakistan Brucite Localities

Content image: Pakistan Brucite Localities

Yesterday our friend Aamir Shah came calling as he has been doing since 2007.

We first met Aamir in the car park at Bakewell Show in October 2006 and ever since he has been a regular visitor to TV Towers 3 or 4 times a year.

Aamir spends 2-3 months in the UK followed by 2-3 months in Pakistan looking out minerals.

Aamir's van, usually has tons of boxes to search through!
























We always enjoy our meetings sharing news and information about minerals and dreaded politics!

Yesterday Aamir showed me 2 lots of brucite he had just acquired from Namak Mandi, in Peshawar. They were very different, one being strong yellow to white and without matrix, the other with more distinct crystallisation, lighter gemmy colour and on slate grey matrix.

Brucite from Pakistan is now fairly well known, it first appeared late in 2015 (I saw it at Munich show) and has usually been labelled as from Killa Saifullah District in Balouchistan.

Aamir has advised me there are 2 localities producing specimens in Balouchistan, Killa Saifullah does produce the more yellow massive material, but another source in Kharan gives the paler more crystalline.

Kharan is quite a big place and I will be trying to find out if there is anything more specific for the other find.

Having seen pieces from both locations they are quite different and pretty good for the species.

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Photos: Pakistan Brucite Localities
Photos: Pakistan Brucite Localities
Photos: Pakistan Brucite Localities
Photos: Pakistan Brucite Localities