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Museum Quality?

Content image: Museum Quality?

Was happy to see a nice post from Marc Allen Fleischer of the Fleischer Museum on Facebook the other day.

Mark had recently purchased and received the above Megiliggar apatite from TVM.

This is his post, "You don’t expect to find a Pegmatite in England of all places!
Truly one of the more interesting English localities, the Cornish Granite Massif known as the Tremearne Pegmatite forms the rugged southwestern extremity of England where cliffside outcroppings reach the sea.
I am fascinated with this collecting site and the Fleischer Museum has been searching for a representative Fluorapatite from Cornwall for some time.
Special thanks to Mark Wrigley for assisting us with this acquisition to our permanent collection."

Thanks to Marc for making this public.

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Photos: Museum Quality?
Photos: Museum Quality?
Photos: Museum Quality?
Photos: Museum Quality?