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Munich Show Day 4

Saturday is the last day of our Munich roundabout tour for 2017. It is also the first public day and weekend crowds descend upon the place.

We only planned to be there for 1/2 a day finishing off business and seeing the last few people on our list

Saturday morning crowds on the walkway into the show


Here is a quick photo tour around some of the sellers you will see here regularly on e-Rocks, visited this morning.

Jorg Wittig Minerals


Next is Norbert Stotzel

Norbert Stotzel and Stefan Koch


George talking with Mineral Decor of India


Mineral Decor have a very large collection of older rarer and more interesting Indian specimens they have been keeping back for e-Rocks, watch this space!

Here is a close up of their minerals

Mineral Decor Minerals


I was returning to meet George and was admiring an old German rhodochrosite in this booth - from Rothenberg Mine, Oberneisen, Rhineland-Palatinate.

A shelf of interesting pieces


I then looked up and found myself staring at Hubertus Huehne one of our most industrious sellers. I should have realised!!

Hubertus Huehne


Our final stop on the tour for today was with Giuseppe Siccardi of YourmineralCollection from Italy. Giuseppe reminded me this morning that he has been working with e-Rocks for 10 years!

Giuseppe has some interesting news he will be breaking in the next few weeks

Giuseppe Siccardi - Yourmineralcollection


Some of the guys on Facebook were asking about Cornish minerals on display. There were not that many out and about in the show.

French dealer Alain Martaud did have this chalcophyllite, with a super original Tennant label.

Cornish chalcophyllite with Tennant label - Alain Martaud


That just about wraps it up for us at Munich Show this year, right now I am sitting in the airport writing this.

Munich is always a great experience, an exhausting "full on" time of friends, minerals and customers crammed into 4 days.

We have spoken to so many people, explained our plans for e-Rocks and have taken a lot of feedback home to help us shape things as we go.

For the show itself many people found themselves some great things for resale and their collections. Some dealers reported good sales, others not so good.

At times the show was crowded and at others it seemed quiet.

The Mine to Mine exhibition had some really exceptional pieces, and was great to visit.

Prices? nothing new here really, really great rocks get premium tickets and premium buyers no doubt. Outside of this prices varied all over the show, I am sure UK visitors will have felt the Brexit exchange rate pinch!

Back in the UK and the office this week, and some normality, whilst we get ready to go ahead with the new e-Rocks software and unpack the collections we picked up before Munich. I suppose that is normal these days.

Many thanks to Christian Rewitzer and his Munich team for the great hospitality.

Thanks for reading the Munich Show blogs!


Sweethome Rhodochrosite - Mine to Mine Exhibition