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Munich Show Day 1

A very early start from TV Towers, to Heathrow and onto the short flight to Munich.

Really it is a very easy journey and a good time for George and I to catch up on business and plan for the next few days.

The view of mountains of Bavaria as we came into land

Getting off the flight we bumped into Ian Jones and travelled into the city with him. Always good to catch on things mineralogical and football.

Ian is doing a display of Rogerley fluorite for the special From Mine to Mine Exhibition at the show. Look forward to seeing that in a few days.

After a quick check in and backage drop we were at the show at around 15:00 local time.

As we arrived the complex already looked busy with people already coming out with trolley loads of purchases. It was good to meet Dave Renison (of Weardale fame) on a mission to fill his van up within 2 days!

His view already was that there was plenty for him to go for, though Chinese minerals were much fewer, lower quality and much higher prices than before.

We moved through into halls

Hall A6 a scene of activity

George and I now know so many people through e-Rocks getting around is often halted with catchup conversations.

Armin Scholler (Eshop Minerals) with a welcoming smile!


Armin Scholler's table was already a hot bed of activity, displaying and selling old time specimens from the Edgar Muller collection.

Carsten Slotta and Roger Lang had already been busy making selections. There were some English pieces too.

Old Weardale Fluorite


We did eventually make it up Christian Rewitzer's table, and again business was in full swing; the table was emptying nearly as quickly as it was filling up.

The train eventually stopped at Wolsendorf


Anyone recognise the red "bread basket" crates?

Christian getting thte rocks in


A little behind Christian's table is Lajos Kövecses a Hungarian collector and dealer specialist in Romanian minerals.

We have known Lajos since 2000, and now his son, Daniel has started working with him in his business.

Lajos Kövecses's Romanian minerals


This year (and today) it is Lajos's 35th consecutive Munich Show and his 60th Birthday. A special time!

George being dispensed Hungarian Schnapps c/o Lajos - Happy Birthday!


As we had some spare time George and I went walk about through A6 and A5 for most of the afternoon.

Hall A5 up and down


Generally Hall A5 has more diverse sellers and less formal booths and stands. It really is fascinating looking around at what is available.

Yummy Indian Zeolites


In the centre of A5 is a large presentation by e-rocker Gunar Farber. An eclectic mix of rare and systematic minerals arranged A-Z.

Farber Minerals - Frank (and Gunar in the background)


Some things caught my eye going round

Odd "Bamboo Stone" Chalcedony Stalactites - Java


New find of clinozoisite (2.5cm crystals), San Cristobel, Lima, Peru



Some stunning pink fluorite


Elderly Tsumeb pieces glowing in the afternoon sun


There were some quite interesting Russian minerals around, not always full of cabinet appeal - just interesting and sometimes exceptional.

Natrolite - Khibny, Russia


Villiaumite - Kirovsky, Kola, Russia


We could have walked around A5 for hours, there is just so much to take in.

Have never tried it myself!


Time to go back into Hall A6 and a quick peek at some of the bigger dealers.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are always well represented by old friend Gulam Mustapha of Fine Art Minerals. We got to know Gulam in the UK back in the early 2000's, he had some great minerals then, but now!

 2cm+ Väyrynenite - Shengus, Pakistan


Emerald - Panjshir, Afghanistan


Morganite & Quartz - Mawi, Afghanistan


We did finish the day of with a rendervous with Roger Lang at Carsten's booth to get a peak at his new Japanese stibnite, courtesy of the Edgar Muller collection and EShop minerals.

Here it is to end Day 1 at Munich Show, up early tomorrow for another go!!

Stibnite - Ichinokawa Mine, Japan


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