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Mineral or Vegetable?

Content image: Mineral or Vegetable?

Coming up on 18th May 2016 is a huge auction of antique books at the German Auction house Reis & Sohn, Königstein, Germany.

Within the "Manuscript & Geography" section there are a number of fascinating early books (18th to 20th century) on Mineralogy, Paleontology, Geology and Mining - plus loads of others.

Some great titles and authors, for example Haüy, R. J. Traité de minéralogie (1827) and Brückmann, F. E. Magnalia dei in locis subterraneis (1727-30)

The latter is described in the catalogue: First edition, 2 parts in 1 vol., lacking the supplement on Swedish mines, 64 pp. (the same applies to copies in the collections cited above). A privately printed description of c. 1600 mines in Europe and all over the world, the first attempt of its kind since Agricola & Münster. "Important work on mineralogy and mining; it contains two extensive sections on the mines of North and South America. Not in Sabin" (Duveen). With engraved portrait, 2 engr. title-vignettes and 50 (of 51, lacking vol. 1, pl. 11 as in nearly all copies) engraved plates depicting plans and views of mines and mining towns (e.g. Goslar or silver-mines of Potosi), minerals etc.

A couple of illustrations are included below. If you are interested in old books, illustrations etc. it is well worth checking over the other titles via the link below.

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Photos: Mineral or Vegetable?
Photos: Mineral or Vegetable?
Photos: Mineral or Vegetable?
Photos: Mineral or Vegetable?