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Mine to Mine Exhibition - Munich Show 2017

As promised I took some pictures of the displays within the Mine to Mine Exhibition. If you are at Munich it is really worth going to see this.

This is not all the cases, or all the minerals within the cases shown, but hopefully gives and appreciation of the minerals on display. We should also appreciate all the owners/instituations who made the minerals available for exhibition!!

Minerals From Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
Minerals From Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
Copper - Cloncurry, Queenland, Australia
Huge Mt Ida Quartz, Arkansas, USA
Huge Amethyst Vug
Superb Bright Chinese Stibnite
Smoky Quartz & Spessartine - Tongbei, China
Scheelite Crystals and Facets - Pingwu, China
Elbaite on Smoky Quartz - Paprook, Afghanistan
Pakistani Mixture - Elbaite from Stak Nala & Epidote/Clinozoisite from Alchuri
Aquamarine & Muscovite - Pakistan
Indian Minerals featuring a super cavansite
Highly skeletal calcite & chalcedony - Nasik, India
Selection of Lavrion Minerals
More from Lavrion
Adamite on chalcedony - Lavrion
Chalcopyrite from Ste Marie, France
St Marie aux minerals! France
More from Ste Marie
Selecetion of Weardale fluorite, mostly Greenlaws - from Peter Ward
Rogerley Mine fluorite mostly from Ian Jones
Particularly gemmy Rogerley fluorite
NHM case of North Pennines Minerals
Witherite - Fallowfields Mine, Nortumberland
Sphalerite Balls - Boltsburn Mine, Weardale, UK
New fluorite from Diana Marie Mine, Weardale
Galena & Baryte - Saxony, Germany
Freiberg Silver Minerals
Freiberg Silver
Freiberg Other Minerals
Saxon Kermesite
Amazonite & Rhodochrosite - Colorado
Amazonite & Rhodochrosite - Colorado
Arkanasas Quartz
Arkansas Quartz
California Tourmaline
The "Six Pack"
Benitoite etc
US Gold
Brazilian Tourmaline
Elmwood - Fluorite Sphalerite & Baryte
Pyromorphite - Bunker Hill, USA
More rhodochrosite and yellow illinois fluorite
Tourmaline - Pederneira, Brazil
Close Up - Tourmaline - Pederneira, Brazil
Imperial Imperial Topaz! - Ouro Preto, Brazil
Calcite & Amethyst - Uruguay
Smaller Calcite & Amethyst - Uruguay
Tsumeb pieces
Huge Azurite - Tsumeb
Willemite - Tsumeb
Rhochrosite - Kuruman, South Africa
Descloizite - Berg Aukus


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