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We have just unveiled a new app for e-Rocks - we hope you will like it.

We have called it My List

My List is a feature available to all logged in users of e-Rocks, and it allows anyone to store specific minerals or mineral variations from our database into a list of bookmarks for that mineral.

When viewed in My List you are able to see a count of available items featuring that mineral, with links to view all, newly added items, also personalised views of items being bid/watched and items purchased.


Once in My List we also dynamically display a Heart filter to allow you to filter auction pages or search results to see only items with minerals on your list.

The App is designed to be flexible and easy to use, there is also an option to receive email updates if new minerals on your list are added.

The idea of My List is to let you stay up to date for a mineral you are interested in, or add something you are looking for until something comes along.This is all dynamic and under your own control, you can add or subtract minerals whenever and as often as you like.

If you have a Collector account you can add your own list of minerals via your own custom import. All you have to do is paste your list into a box and hit save.

The My List is available and ready to use, we have provided a Help page to get you going, but once you access the My List tab in your user menu or spot the little heart icons on site content things should be straight forward.

Please note the Last 24 hours update will email you daily after 2100Hrs GMT, once you set the receive messages toggle to "on".