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Liroconite Alert!

Content image: Liroconite Alert!

Liroconite is just one of those minerals that attracts attention; it is rare, colourful and good specimens usually only found in old collections.

When a piece is listed on e-Rocks we usually get excited and this one is definitely no exception.

We saw this piece in person last month and it truly is a good one!

It is both rich and beautifully crystallised with sharp good crystals of a reasonable size, measured at 4mm. It also has a great heritage.

The specimen has already attracted attention and risen up our Hot Items leader board on the Home Page!

Please follow the links below to see the specimen and find out more about liroconite specimens we have listed on the site over the last 10 years.

To give an idea of the scarcity of this mineral, we have 59 specimens in our systematic database of over 250K mineral specimens!

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Photos: Liroconite Alert!
Photos: Liroconite Alert!
Photos: Liroconite Alert!
Photos: Liroconite Alert!