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Last 24 Hours Feature Goes Live

For those who regularly use our Search feature to find minerals listed on e-Rocks, we have just launched a new feature to help get to the latest items.

We have created a new filter in your relevant search results that will allow you to view any minerals added in the Last 24 hours only.

The filter will dynamically become available if your results contain any minerals; when available just click and submit.

The page will refresh showing just the new minerals added.

To reverse either click the filter and submit again, or start a new search.

The diagram below explains the filter operation.


Please give the new filter a try, but note the feature will only start working from auctions published today at 18:30GMT.


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Submitted by mandithra on
Now this brings up an interesting question: Are there any particular times of day at which sellers are not allowed or highly unlikely to add new items? Being able to do searches when sellers are *not* actively listing would help avoid the "just missed it" factor.

Submitted by admin on
Currently all our auctions get set online daily between 17:30 and 19:30 GMT, the aim is or auctions to start at 18:30. Fixed price items are listed less frequently at the moment and generally are set live in the same period. The L24 filter is dynamic therefore only is “on” when there is something to see, and will become inactive on an item once 24 hours expires. We don’t show the filter on Auctions as these are timed from a common start anyway. As another note the L24 filter was built to underpin another App coming along soon.