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Kalahari Classics Do It Again - another 10K items

Content image: Kalahari Classics Do It Again - another 10K items

Jill Brunner's listing in her current Kalahari Classics Auction for a calcite and pyrite specimen from NChwanning takes the mineral additions on e-Rocks to #640000, or 140,000 items added since in October 2015.

Jill was the lucky "winner" of this accolade with Item #630000 last December.

The last 10,000 specimens have taken 57 days to compile (one day longer than before but we have had a few holidays inbetween!!). The daily tickover rate for the period has been 175 items per day.

Also in this period we have raised an average of 158 orders per day.

Jill's new specimen and a range of selected other pieces are online now in her Kalahari Speical auction.

As I always say, thanks to all our sellers for both the quantity and diversity of minerals uploaded to e-Rocks. Here's to the next 10K minerals.

It is also nice to write about something that isn't DDOS ! 


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