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Goodbye 2017


Today 30 December is the last day of auctions for e-Rocks in 2017, and quite a year it has been both on and off "the pitch". 

The Piatek Minerals auction closing at 23:40 tonight will be the final and 1839th auction during 2017; a year when we have seen the daily mineral digest increase to routinely 6 seller auctions per day.

As reported throughout the year our database has continued to grow with 60,265 items added so far, and now stands at over 350K mineral specimens with around 1.55M associated photos.

So far in 2017 our sellers have sold 56,214 items.

We have had a good year for visitors and membership too, our anatlytics tell us we have served 758,187 visitors with 7.73M pages of data, both of these numbers 20% up on 2016. 1531 people have registered.

So in a nutshell 2017 has kept us busy, but not only online, but behind the scenes we have also being developing new features and improvements to e-Rocks. Expect to see some changes early in 2018!

We will be "dark" tomorrow evening as we prepare to pop a cork to say goodbye 2017, and hello to 2018.

We trust you will be doing the same in whichever part of the World you are reading this! 



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