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Give us a Cleusonite

Today (23rd October) we notched up item #680000 into our specimen database, completing another 10,000 increment to the catalogue.

The honoured rock is a specimen of Cleusonite from Fibbia, Ticino in Switzerland. The specimen was listed by Soenke Stolze of Nothern Minerals. 

We covered the latest 10,000 step in 60 days averaging 167 minerals per day, as predicted a little faster than during the previous count.

Our daily sales rate in the same period has been ticking along at 140 sales per day.

Cleusonite (Pb2+,Sr)(U4+,U6+)(Fe2+,Zn)2(Ti4+,Fe2+,Fe3+)18(O,OH)38


Cleusonite is a member of the Crichtonite Group and is a comparatively rare mineral - we have listed 31 specimens from 6 localities (Fibbia being the most common) - Mindat localities lists 15. 

Below is some info from "my little black book"......





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