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Getting tiny with the Iphone

Content image: Getting tiny with the Iphone

Our technical department at e-Rocks (AKA my wife and George) have been on at me for some time to get a decent mobile phone as I am usually hard to track down when offline.

Coupled with this we have a mobile version of the cataloguing/inventory system which of course needs a compatible phone to drive it.

So now my life has changed, with a new mobile and better access to all those interesting things all the time I am even busier than before!

The phone also has a pretty good camera, but hitherto has not been tried on anything too serious in mineral photography, as I haven't had the time!

Any mineral photographer knows macro is the way to go with getting the detail, and mobiles are generally not capable of achieving this.

This is going to change very soon: with technologies like onboard video frame stacking we will be able to render 3D models and photos with enormous depth of field quickly and easily.

For now though I have been playing with my phone, a loupe and some blue-tack; though not likely to replace a macro lens and stacking it is quick and easy (and goes straight online!)

Below are some pictures of some vanadinite crystals, the largest is 5mm, taken with my Iphone 7 plus and a 10 X loupe, and hand held!

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Photos: Getting tiny with the Iphone
Photos: Getting tiny with the Iphone
Photos: Getting tiny with the Iphone
Photos: Getting tiny with the Iphone