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Ahead of our trip to Munich we have just installed another new feature for all users of e-Rocks and Facebook.

Within the e-Rocks Facebook page there are now 5 new page tabs with Apps that let you do the following.

e-Rocks Auctions look up and open current Auctions within our Facebook page
Search Auctions look up and filter through all live Auction items
e-Rocks Fixed Price look up and open current Seller Pages within our page
Search Fixed Price look up and filter through all available Buy Now items
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The information is not only always up to date, displayed in your Time and displays countdown clocks but will also show your bidding status if you have connected your e-Rocks account to Facebook. 

(Connecting to Facebook is easy via the connect button next to login)

Sellers & Dealers

The e-Rocks Search page Apps are also available to Dealers with their own Facebook pages - these are easy to install and let your Facebook fans see everything you are selling in your own area.

These page Apps are now also available for any seller with a website to display all your current auctions with live runtime and bidding information within your own site.

All that is needed is a blank webpage/block with a menu link, and your auctions can be displayed simultaneously anywhere and in any number of sites.

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