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Fiorite - no this is not a typo!

Content image: Fiorite - no this is not a typo!

Frequently pointed out by kind visitors are the typos in the texts I produce - as always my thanks for the assistance with this!

This time this is not a typo of fluorite but an interesting specimen of a mineral variety I had not looked into before.

This specimen of fiorite came from Pearl Freeman's inventory, where she had acquired it 40 years ago from a source catalogued as Greybill.

On Wikipedia/Mindat fiorite is described as a variety of opal found in cavities in volcanic tuff. It is a globular, botryoidal or stalactic.

The original discovery, hence name was at Santa Fiora (fiorite), Mount Amiata (another name - amiatite), Tuscany, Italy.

Maybe this is better known amongst our Italian visitors, we dont appear to have listed any fiorite or amiatite before in 10 years of e-Rocks!

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