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e-Rocks Seller Hits The News!!

Content image: e-Rocks Seller Hits The News!!

Long time e-Rocks seller Gábor Koller has hit the news recently in his native Hungary!

Congratulations to Gábor and his discovery and subsequent IMA approval/publishing of the new mineral rudabányaite.

Gábor self collected the then unknown specimens 17 years ago at the site of the former iron working, Adolf Mine in the Rudabánya, Rudabányai Mountains, Hungary.

Unrecognised, some of the material was sent for testing, and analysis showed the mineral to have a unique chemistry, being a mercury, silver arsenate.

With the formula (Ag2Hg2)(AsO4)Cl, it represents a perfect storm for both silver and arsenate collectors!

The discovery made the Hungarian press back in March 2017, as not only is this a new discovery and a unique (so far) composition, it is also only the 9th mineral to be discovered in Hungary.

Many congratulations to Gábor for his discovery and recognition as discoverer.

9 Minerals with Type Locality in Hungary

Pilsenite &


*minerals currently have no entries on the e-Rocks database.


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