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e-Rocks has some new toys!

Since we launched the new e-Rocks in September 2015 we have been busy behind the scenes working on small revisions and tweaks, plus of course doing all the other work in running the show.

Today we have just upgraded the site to unleash a whole lot of new features, mostly to do with searching and finding things in the mass of data we have accumulated in nearly 11 years of operation.

The most obvious change you will see is the expanded range of search icons at the top of each page.

New Icons are

  • New Quick Search 
  • Advanced Search
  • Saved Searches

In particular the Saved Searches will allow you to manage searching on the site more easily and bookmark these searches and receive updates when new matching items are added.

There is a more informative help page in the Help menu, but best thing is to have a play!

We have some more changes to bring in shortly, so please send in any suggestions, we are always pleased to receive these.

For our sellers and collectors we have added a mobile friendly version of the site upload system.