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e-Rocks Database App Version 2

Content image: e-Rocks Database App Version 2

A shout-out to mobile and tablet users on e-Rocks!

A while back we created the e-Rocks Mineral Database App to provide phone users a quick and easy mineral database. The app is fast and contains tons of useful information on species, chemistry, properties and classification.

This is a nice little tool when you are at a show or otherwise away from your desktop/offline; a massive thankyou to the 1,500 or so users that are using it.


Back in January e-Rocks reached quite a big milestone, we topped 500,000 listed and published specimens in our item database; this has now grown to 513,632

George and I have been discussing our database for ages and had always decided that when we reached a good critical number we would make this more available as a reference tool for collectors, researchers and/or just for fun.

So to kick things off we decided to revamp the app, basically to include direct links from the App to the relevant mineral page on the site.

Quite a simple thing to do but with a very big impact.

Version 2 now acts as a gateway to the whole e-Rocks catalogue.

Just open the App, type a mineral name, click the button and the archive page opens. 

Fast efficient and informational; you'd be surprised at what we have hidden away!!!

Anyone who doesn't use the App already please feel free to download it FREE now; go to this page for direct links. You can also use the same path to upgrade to Version II.

For our desktop users, you have not been forgotten, very shortly we will be updating our "Database Section" to improve database access through the desktop site.