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Down Time

Content image: Down Time

Life at TVM isn't all about swaning off to shows, buying minerals or photographing/describing things for our weekly lists.

All this activity leads to one thing: an untidy stock room. Usually we can survive for a few months before needing to tidy up. For one reason or another this year we haven't had a good sort out since March.

George and I decided to set aside 2 days down time this week to tackle our workroom and regain some organisation to the daily routine.

Two days work and the job is done, all the half empty boxes have been combined sorted and replaced into the correct storage, rubbish removed and empty flats stored.

Hard work, but we did get to see what we have forgotten about or never knew we had!!

All is now ready for the next cycle of creating disorder!

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Photos: Down Time
Photos: Down Time
Photos: Down Time
Photos: Down Time