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On this day in 2015

Content image: On this day in 2015

September 3rd 2015 was the day that we changed over the e-Rocks website (above) to the current site you see today.

It was a very long day and but we got through and have not really looked back since!

All in all it has been quite a year on e-Rocks, with more minerals, auctions and users than ever before, and without the constraints of the old software the site has continued to grow and expand with ease.

This growth has seen our mineral database flourish with the addition of just under 50,000 new items; the total mineral database count is now circa 250,000 with well over 1 million mineral photographs all classified and catalogued for easy reference.

The e-Rocks user base has also been expanding at the rate of over 4 new registrations per day, with steady increase in daily visitors to match.

The next stage for e-Rocks is to roll out new features to most aspects of the site. The aim is to enable quicker upload times, redesign ‘lot’ selling, improvements to the dealer accounts as well as further tools to make using the database easier for all especially whilst on the move...

It is down to everyone that uses e-Rocks that these things have been possible and for this we say a hearty thank you!