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COVID-19 & e-Rocks

Hi Everyone,

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect all our communities and day to day life wherever you live, we want to share our latest thoughts on how we are trying to adapt to this new reality.

As you will have seen, and after discussion with our sellers, e-Rocks intends to carry on as near normal as possible.

Circumstances, especially by country are different and also changing day by day. So we intend to keep this page active/updates as necessary.

e-Rocks Auctions

Sellers want to continue listing auctions, however "lockdown" and local postal services may cause delays in getting items sent out.

We are asking sellers to update anything relevant to this at the top of their auction pages.

Please NOTE this and the specific shipping offered/costs before bidding.

We recommend you also take note of your local restrictions on delivery etc.

So far we believe every country is keeping postal services open, some with reduced service/cuts to specific services.

Postal Service Reductions

1/ We know that Germany has currently suspended "economy air package" service to the USA and some other non EU countries.

This is likely to happen with other postal services as airfreight capacity is shut down and people are removed from risk.

2/ Generally all postal services are no longer guaranteeing services like "next day deliveries" or "signed for", but they are still working.

3/ Anyone in "lockdown" is expected to stay indoors, so getting to a postal centre/or arranging pick up is going to be less frequent or under local permit.

I am sure there are other restrictions, but please accept that things will not be working seamlessly for sometime.

Changes to e-Rocks

As we all deal with the situation in our own way over the next weeks/months, we are asking all members of the e-Rocks community to accept and work within the limitations we all face.

We are not going to change anything on e-Rocks in the Terms and Conditions, but we are going to ask Buyers (and Sellers) to be patient when it comes to delivery etc. This cannot be guaranteed.

In the case of deliveries to the USA - see above - economy service is suspended, so deliveries can be made but at a higher cost etc - for now.

Sellers can "stockpile" purchases for either delivery as a batch or until the economy service is resumed.

We know that this is already common practice and is managed directly within the community.

One change we would like to make is that "stockpiles" are paid up once a seller requests a payment. 

The intention is to keep payments moving.

Again we ask everyone to arrange "stockpiles" in advance, and NOT to assume it is ok to do this without agreement or willingness to pay when requested.

As ever we appreciate everyone's input and use of e-Rocks, specifically on this notice we ask you to sign in and leave us feedback about "lockdown" or other restrictions in your area to help the community see the current situation.

Please keep safe and well wherever you are!


Mark Wrigley
Admin e-Rocks



Submitted by NDF777 on
shipping in Belgium : shipping with Bpost (our local post service) abroad is limited to EU countries only ( mail and packages). however we can receive mail and packages from all over the world but expect long time before it arrivés

Submitted by CWMinerals on
Priority mail from Germany working OK with a parcel posted 15 April delivered to Cornwall 20 April. Royal Mail within UK also working very well but courier services unreliable

...also shipping from Germany to Japan is now partial ( economy air package < 500g and small parcel < 2 kg ) possible.

Submitted by ed on
1. One thing I request all sellers to do is to invoice all goods at time of auction and NOT when when goods are posted. 2. Can eRocks arrange a Postage Only invoice at time of postage. 3. Two Kg (2kg) appears to be the best weight for postage in most countries, anything above 2kg the postage increased well above the 2kg rate. Can suppliers hold to a 2kg parcel and send multiple 2kg lots if necessary.

Shipping within Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany possible with lower risk but clearly delayed. Some regions/cities within these countries are a bit more difficult yet (Milano, Bergamo etc..). United States, Canada impossible with low risk. Please not: I speak about tracked, fully insured parcels.

Submitted by Almel on
I am still waiting on three shipments from Tin Can Hill Minerals dating back as far as August 2019. Two of them are marked as "shipped"on the advice from e-rocks. Surely they all cannot have gone missing in the mail. Can the service really be as slow as this? It all adds up to over $A60, not a fortune, but a worry for the integrity of the whole system I think.