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On 1st October 2017 there will be some changes to the business plus the Terms & Conditions.

The business will be transferring from our current Thames Valley Minerals ownership to a new company registered in the UK, e-Rocks Ltd.

There will be no changes to any of our existing Terms & Conditions or the way e-Rocks auctions or marketplace functions.

All liabilities/agreements/acceptance of our T&CS will be transferred to the new ownership, and new T&Cs will be published to reflect this.

Thames Valley Minerals, also known as TVM Auctions on e-Rocks, will continue to trade in rocks and minerals, and of course participate as a Dealer on - we have quite a few minerals here!

These changes are important for the continued development of e-Rocks into the future.

If you have any questions, please email us we will be happy to answer.


Mark Wrigley
Thames Valley Minerals/