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Changes to the e-Rocks Relist Process

e-Rocks Listing Process Update

Effective February 14th, 2024, e-Rocks will be implementing an update to the relisting process for auction items that do not sell in an auction.

e-Rocks' listing rules and format has remained largely unchanged for over 18 years. This consistency has contributed to the high level of interest our mineral listings receive from mineral collectors worldwide. To further improve engagement, changes to the relist system have come into effect.  

The current process for new item listings will continue unchanged, including the existing fee structure. Auction items will go through the full auction cycle and if an item receives no bids or fails to meet the reserve price at close, the status will automatically update to “Not Sold.”

Having been updated the following process rules will now apply:

  • "Not Sold" items will remain locked from editing for a set period based on number of previous relists:

   0, 1, or 2 previous relists: 13 days
   3, 4, or 5 previous relists: 27 days

  • Once the waiting period elapses, the status will automatically change to “Relist”, allowing the seller to relist the item in a new auction.
  • However, if the relist count reaches 6 times, the “Relist” option will no longer be available.
  • Instead, after 13 days the status will automatically change to “Novate.”
  • Choosing Novate incurs a fee when relisting, equal to the standard listing fee.  
  • If still not sold after the novated listing, the standard “Relist” process restores.

Sellers will be guided through the new workflow onscreen, you will see items marked as "Relist" or "Novate" after the appropriate time has elapsed and searched for via Status.

Historic items with relist count >6 will automatically update to "Novate".

The objective of new process is to increase content engagement for all users by reducing repetition/over exposure of items that have repeatedly not sold.