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Canadian Minerals & Localities

Content image: Canadian Minerals & Localities

Yesterday George was off at a stag party so I was left in charge of setting up the new auctions beginning on the day.

One of the sub tasks required is to cross check and ensure that any new localities added to the database are cross checked online and within our existing data.

It is always a great opportunity to review and study what new things are coming along, especially minerals and localities we have not come across before.

To this end I was quite taken by the new auction listed by François Lortie from Collection Arkane, containing 57 Canadian minerals with a whole range of localities many not on our database.

Collection Arkane is run by François from Mont-Saint-Hilaire in Quebec, has begun to specialise in Canadian minerals, especially those from Mont-Saint-Hilaire, but as I discovered from a range of other interesting places too!

The website is a showcase for Canadian and worldwide minerals, it is also interesting to read in more detail about the background in the About Us section.

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