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Blinked & I Missed It!

Content image: Blinked & I Missed It!

Yesterday for a change I was inputting some rocks, and saw the magic item number 650,000 approaching with around 30 rocks to go.

As it happened the phone rang, and an hour later when I returned to saving the next item the counter had gone round to 650,079.

This time the seller with a cherished number is Minerals Show with a dinky little pink and smoky quartz combo from Brazil (featured above). The code is MLS650000. 

The most recent 10,000 items have taken 57 days to acquire (same as last time) and this takes us over 400,000 items in the database.

Within the same period we have added 311 new localities and averaged 154 orders per day.

It will be interesting to see how quickly we get up to the 10,000 increment now that Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. 

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