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Bad Weather Delayed Play

During the last week in February we made contact with Nottinghamshire based collector Alan Peckover; he was looking for a buyer for his collection of minerals.

After some discussion and a visit to see the collection a sale was agreed, and pick up date arranged.

The logistics behind such an arrangement have been arranged many times before but we have found that every collection is different and usually something is thrown up to complicate matters.

Alan's collection should have been straight forward, a 2 hour road trip, and reversing space to within 2 meters of the drawers, each piece stored with a label in a card tray.

 Life is never that simple! 

Our first attempt to return was thwarted by the "Beast from the East" - freezing temperatures, snow and blocked roads, with accompanying travel warnings advised us to postpone.

(The "Beast from the East" was a period of unusually cold and snowy conditions in UK/Western Europe at the beginning of March 2018) 


The Beast from the East


Our second attempt was then re-scheduled for the 18 March, and so the UK encountered a second period ice and snow, putting off the trip yet again.

Finally yesterday we made it! 


We arrived at Alan's house in beautful Spring sunshine, reversed to within 2 meters of the collection storage, and within 2.5 hours we had "flatted" and packed arount 2,500 specimens. 



Back at TV Towers the reverse operation was quite a bit slower as we had to look at and discuss at least all of 105 flats of material!!

Still by 1700hrs yesterday everything was in its new bay ready for many months (probably years) of appreciation within TVM operations.

Goods Inwards at TV Towers


Many thanks to Alan Peckover for both the opportunity to acquire the collection and his patience in waiting for the weather to clear before removal.


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