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Another 2 Mineral Firsts

Two more mineral firsts are on show on e-Rocks at the moment.

Our first specimen of fuettererite is due to close on Joy Desor's auction this evening.



Originally described back in 2002 from the type locality at NE2 Vein, Otto Mountain, San Bernardino County, California, this specimen was collected at Bird's Nest Drift very close by.

Fuettererite has a very interesting structure -see below - the formula, Pb3Cu2+6Te6+O6(OH)7Cl5, doesn't really explain this.

Named after Otto Fuetterer who developed the mining claims on Otto Mountain.


Our other new mineral goes live today is ammoniomathesiusite, this time listed by Carsten.

Ammoniomathesiusite was approved pending publication in 2017, and is the ammonium analogue of mathesiusite.



Again see the link below for more detail about the structure, however the formula is expressed (NH4)5(UO2)4(SO4)4(VO5)·4H2O, a uranyl vanadate-sulphate.

Ammoniomathesiusite and mathesiusite differ by the substitution of (NH4)5 for K5, the structure is identical, so maybe the "Mathesiusite Group" is about to be born?

According to my estimation the inclusion of the vanadium pentoxide cation V5+O5 occurs only in these 2 minerals.

Ammoniomathesiusite is one of only 76 minerals containing ammonium, 1.4% all approved minerals (currently).

Type locality is Burro Mine, Slick Rock, San Miguel County, Colorado.

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