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As it is my birthday today I thought this little bit of mineral related trivia would brighten up the day.

Early last year I was listing an aragonite (and gypsum) specimen from Tomnadashan Mine, Wester Tullich, Loch Tay, Scotland. 

An intrguing locality that was somewhat unsuccessfully mined for copper with associated smelter operational between 1838 and 1862.

The site today is derelict with dumps and collapsing buildings, however the main mine portal is still open and found much greater fame as the location for a scene in the 1975 film "Monty Python & The Holy Grail". 

It is the Cave of Caerbannog, home to a rabbit, "no ordinary rabbit, it's the most foul cruel and bad tempered rodent you've ever set eyes on" 

The Cave of Caerbannog
omnadashan, Killin, Stirling District, Scotland, UK - courtesy Karen Vernon Cave of Caerbannog


Here is the scene itself courtesy of Youtube


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