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The alternative to Burn's Night

Content image: The alternative to Burn's Night

Burn's Night comes along every year and is mostly a Scottish based celebration of the poet Robbie Burns, so I try to get some "haggis neeps and tatties" in my diet during this time.

It also serves to remind us that another e-Rocks anniversary is coming up; and this year it is our 11th Birthday!

Our first auction started with 30 items on 26 January 2006 and completed three days later on 29 January. As I remember it was quite a frantic time but we got through it and by the time auction 2 came along we had most things tied down.

11 years later and we are now running up to 5 auctions a day, this all seems a bit distant, but never forgotten!

Slàinte Mhath!

(PS tinned haggis is not my preference!)