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A UK First Occurrence

Content image: A UK First Occurrence

The Nick Bartlet collection, we purchased in 2004 still continues to provide interesting and uncommon items from its boxes.

This most recent discovery is a specimen of schröckingerite from the Peath Lode on the 17th Level at Geevor, Cornwall.

The find was limited and was made in May 1991 just before the pumps were turned off and the mine closed. Perhaps oddly this mineral has not been found (yet) elsewhere in Cornwall.

The mineral is characterised in this find by little lemon yellow aggregates/concretions on altered granite. It is also strongly fluorescent under LW UV light and of course radioactive.

The find was significant enough at the time to warrant a write up in the Mineralogical Magazine in 1992 (Elton, N.J. and Hooper, J.J. 56(1), 124-125).

Nick Bartlet's Record Card


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