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A New Seller Is Born!

Content image: A New Seller Is Born!

Giuseppe Siccardi of Yourmineral Collection in Italy emailed me at the end of last month to tell me of some changes with his business.

Giuseppe has been trading under Yourmineral collection (item code YMC) with e-Rocks since the end of 2007.

Now 10 years later in conjunction with Roberto Bracco, Giuseppe has divided Yourmineral Collection into two operations.

Yourmineral Collection will continue to be run by Giuseppe focussing on aesthetic and classic minerals via his website and of course regular auctions on e-Rocks.


A new operation called Your Systematic Collection under Roberto will focus on rare and systematic minerals, also featuring regularly on e-Rocks.

The first Your Systematic Collection auction will start today (17th November) and already has caused the inclusion of a new mineral to the e-Rocks database.

Roberto has added a specimen of rüdlingerite to the auction.

Rüdlingerite (Mn2+2V5+As5+O7·2H2O) was first identified in 2016, being the arsenic analogue of fianelite.

The mineral has so far been identified at 2 co-type localities:

  • Valletta Mine, Maira Valley, Cuneo Province, Piedmont, Italy
  • Fianel Mine, Ferrera Valley, Grischun, Switzerland


Roberto's piece (pictured above) is from Valetta mine.

It remains to say "all the best" to Giuseppe and Roberto for their new venture!

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