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2 things I didn't know about Hemerdon

Content image: 2 things I didn't know about Hemerdon

As they say "you live and learn" and in the interest of mineralogy this is nearly a daily experience.

The photograph above shows some little grain-like crystals of native sulphur set on scorodite from Hemerdon Bal in Devon, UK. I have never seen these before.

The crystals are approximately 0.5mm tip to tip and just in this one little area of a pocket occupied by typical sky blue scorodite.

Whilst checking out the minerals listed for Hemerdon via Mindat I discovered the locality has been renamed!

Hemerdon is now officially known as Drakelands Mine.

Of course the property has now become Drakelands Mine, see the blog referenced below, but to my mind these scorodite specimens were collected from Hemerdon Bal, and that should remain in the context of their discovery.

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